Donate a Solar Panel

The solar projects listed on this page require financial support to help make them happen.  Donating a solar panel will provide a portion of the necessary funding and will help to unlock other sources of funding from local, state, and federal solar incentive programs. Help fund Habitat for Humanity projects through solar panel donations.

Speedvale Project

Habitat for Humanity Guelph Wellington, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Goal: 450 solar panels

Habitat for Humanity Guelph Wellington will build a 48 residential unit housing development on the site of a former commercial building.  The location of the building is near key amenities such as retail and grocery stores, bus stops, and publicly funded schools. The site will be redeveloped to accommodate 24 affordable housing units and 24 market units, along with ground floor commercial space. The residential units will consist of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Groundbreaking: 2024

Total solar project cost: $540K

Micah’s Creek

Athens Area Habitat for Humanity, Athens, Georgia, USA
Goal: 630 solar panels

In a county with among the lowest home ownership rates and highest wealth inequality rates in the nation, Micah’s Creek is designed with people, nature, and progeny in mind. The 63-house neighborhood will preserve tree canopy, cultivate an attractive viewshed for adjoining homes, minimizes evaporation from the creek and planned retention ponds, and conserve pathways for wildlife around the development. The highly efficient homes will simultaneously reduce resources needed to construct and maintain the houses while lowering monthly bills for homeowners. 

Groundbreaking: 2024

Total solar project cost: ~$756K

Allium Place

Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, Silver Spring, Maryland
Goal:  250 Solar Panels

Allium Place is 195 home mixed income community being developed on the site of a former blighting county owned property. Located within walking distance of schools and grocery stores and adjacent to a bus rapid transit line, the new community of single-family homes, condominiums and apartments will contain open space, a gym and a childcare center. Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland’s contribution to the community includes the development of 24 energy efficient, affordable condominiums.  Homebuyers earning between 30% and 50% AMI will purchase the condominiums and generate long term equity through Habitat for Humanity’s highly successful homeownership model. 

Groundbreaking: 2023; Completion: 2025

Total solar project cost: $300K

Southwood Development

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Virginia
Goal:  300 Solar Panels  

Southwood is the largest Habitat for Humanity Project in the U.S. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville bought a mobile home park with 351 mobile homes to prevent displacement of low income residents. It is rezoned for 1,200 units of mixed income housing, including 500 or more affordable homes, including those for the trailer park residents. Forty families are moving out of their mobile homes and buying townhouses this year. Solar systems are being offered to all Habitat partner families who have an appropriate roofline for solar.

Groundbreaking: 2022  

Total solar project cost: $360K

Legacy Woods

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Volusia County, Florida
Goal:  560 solar panels

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Volusia County (HFH of GVC) has broken ground on a 6.35-acre site that will be the home to 40 new affordable homeownership units.

Eight single-family and sixteen duplexes will provide affordable homeownership to 40 families.  HFH of GVC’s goal is affordability and sustainability for our Habitat Homeowners.  A committee of our Board of Directors has researched the benefits of incorporating solar into these homes and has concluded that it would be very beneficial to our homeowners and help to ensure long-term affordability of housing costs and family sustainability.  The single-family houses will be three bedroom and the duplexes, a mix of two- and three-bedroom homes.

Groundbreaking: 2024

Total solar project cost: $672K

Habitat affiliates, United States

GiveSolar is supporting solar projects in partnership with many individual Habitat affiliates across the United States.  These affiliates are building houses on individual lots in scattered parts of their service areas, rather than in one large development or neighborhood.  Many of these homes are either in more rural counties or infill lots in cities.  If you wish to support solar on individual projects, you can donate a solar panel here.  All donated funds will go toward installing actual solar systems on Habitat homes. Your solar panel donation will make a difference in the lives of hard-working Habitat families all over the United States!

Groundbreaking: Ongoing

Fundraising goal: $1M