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1. Identify nonprofits that would benefit from solar power.

  • Does the nonprofit serve the most vulnerable in our community?
  • Does the nonprofit have a roof appropriate for solar?
  • How would solar impact the nonprofit’s budget?

2. Complete an energy audit on the nonprofit’s building.

3. Identify cost effective improvements where energy efficiency could be enhanced.

4. Make energy-efficiency improvements to facilities with the help of volunteer labor.

5. Find a solar installer to manage the project start to finish.

6. Assess energy demand and design an appropriately sized solar-energy system.

7. Fundraise.

  • Identify sponsors and affinity groups.
  • Kick off crowdfunding campaign.

8. Solar barn raising.

  • Recruit volunteers.
  • Give volunteers an orientation.
  • Hold solar barn raising.

9. Flip-the-switch ceremony!

If you know of a nonprofit that would benefit from Give Solar, please contact Jeff Heie, [email protected] or 540-656-6841.