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Give Solar grew out of a solar “barn raising” at the Gift & Thrift store in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Members of the community came together to support the nonprofit, installing solar panels on the roof of the building. As well as reducing greenhouse gases and reliance on fossil fuels, the system will save Gift & Thrift more than $400,000 over the next thirty years.

If a community-powered solar project could work for one nonprofit, we thought, why not for others? And so Give Solar was born.

Give Solar offers elegant solutions for nonprofit organizations, providing electricity from the sun while lowering overhead costs by eliminating a large portion of their electricity bill. We harness the community’s power to bring about positive change through crowdfunding and solar barn raising.

Give Solar is currently developing the concept of a Thousand Forward. We are calling on members of the community to offer financial and moral support to solarize institutions that play a vital role in our communities. Over the next decade, with your assistance, we hope to help twenty local nonprofits transition to solar power.

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Our next project will help Gemeinschaft Home, a Harrisonburg nonprofit, go solar. Help us reach our fundraising goal.  Solar panels will be installed in early May 2019.