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In October 2020, GiveSolar was invited to partner with Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. The initial goal of this collaboration was to create a pilot project that demonstrates how to make solar accessible to low-income households. Our pilot project was a duplex in Broadway, Virginia. With the support of Green Hill Solar, we installed two 3.78 kilowatt solar systems on the duplex in February of  2021. Through community crowdfunding, we raised over $8,000 to fully fund these solar arrays. Based upon the success of the pilot project, the Habitat board of directors voted to support the establishment of a regenerating Solar Seed Fund. The fundraising goal for this project is $100K. Once achieved, the Solar Seed Fund will pay for solar systems on all new Habitat homes that have a roofline appropriate for solar. Homeowners will repay the cost of the solar systems over the term of their mortgage, thereby regenerating the fund for future solar installations. Help make this project successful by donating to the Solar Seed Fund.

Broadway house at construction and completion.