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Why Solar?

Solar energy uses freely available and abundant sunlight to create electricity. Solar panels on the roof of a home can provide enough electricity to power the home throughout the year. Because solar energy uses no fossil fuels to generate electricity, its use is key to reducing human-caused climate change. Solar power is also cheaper: households powered by solar experience more economic security than homes powered only by the grid.

In the past, solar energy was primarily available to middle- and upper-income households, which could afford the upfront costs necessary to install solar panels on their homes. GiveSolar aims to disrupt that paradigm by providing tools for achieving low-cost installation and affordable financing, and by incorporating the cost of installing the panels into the mortgage. The result is a win-win: lower energy bills while caring for the planet.

Above, you will find resources for homeowners with solar panels, as well as technical tools for Habitat affiliates and anyone else who is interested in putting solar on houses.