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GiveSolar is on a mission to provide solar power to Habitat for Humanity homes in the U.S.  This movement has taken root in Virginia, with a promising partnership between GiveSolar and Habitat for Humanity Virginia, and a proven plan for deployment.     

We seek visionary backers eager to support a transition to clean energy while building generational wealth for hard-working, low-income families throughout the country.   

Habitat for Humanity, more than any other non-profit organization in the U.S., has the potential to transform the energy landscape while enhancing the affordability of the homes they build. This is true because of the clientele Habitat serves, their strong brand, national reach, and substantial housing stock of both new and existing homes. If Habitat makes significant strides toward accessible solar energy, other homebuilders and affordable housing non-profits will follow. 

GiveSolar has partnered with 9 Habitat for Humanity state organizations to raise a Solar Seed Fund that will provide start-up funding to launch solar programs in Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Texas.  These 9 state organizations support a combined 344 local Habitat affiliates that build approximately 1,600 homes each year. Other Habitat state organizations are considering joining this effort. GiveSolar’s vision is to support the development of Habitat solar programs in every state. 

GiveSolar is seeking $1 million in start-up funds for each Habitat for Humanity state office that wishes to launch a solar program.  

Start-up funds will be used to create the necessary infrastructure and capacity to effectively stand up statewide solar programs. 

We can do this with your help! We have a strong proof of concept in Virginia that can now be adapted and adopted in other states. Now, Habitat needs private funds to move forward in other states and stimulate a new, clean-power economy that will level the playing field for the hard-working, low-income families who qualify for Habitat homes.   

Soon an unprecedented stream of funding will be available which could transform the narrative of who has access to low cost solar energy.  The EPA’s “Solar for All“ grant, a component of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, will allocate $7 billion dollars nationwide to make solar available to low-income households, precisely the population that Habitat serves.  Solar for All funding will be channeled through affordable housing organizations that have a shovel-ready implementation model and complementary funds from private sources. This is where we need your help!    

Would you help Habitat to start-up solar programs and prepare for Solar for All funding?

It’s a moonshot effort whose time has come!  If you would like to play an essential role in this transformative project, please contact GiveSolar’s Director, Jeff Heie at [email protected] or (540) 656-6841.

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about the participating organizations and underlying assumptions