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Example Electric Bill #1: One Year of Solar

This is an actual sample energy bill from another Habitat solar homeowner. It shows how there is seasonality of solar production and variability of electricity bills over the course of a year.

It also helps explain to a homeowner what they can expect if they are careful with their energy usage (a small electric bill).

The bill also shows the various components of an electric bill: usage, fuel cost adjustment, taxes, minimum bill.

one year of solar tracking

Example Electric Bill #2: After Installing Solar

This is an example of an actual Habitat homeowner’s electric bill after installing solar. The solar system went into service on April 22, 2021. In this example, the customer’s electric bill was $7.63. Homeowners with a well-designed 4 kilowatt solar system can save roughly $50 per month.

Two important notes

  1. Most solar homeowners will not be able to achieve a $0 electric bill even when they don’t use any electricity from their utility. This is because there is a basic monthly charge for being connected to the utility grid, $7.63 in the example above.
  2. The amount of energy that a solar system produces varies seasonally as does a homeowners electricity usage. A solar system that is optimally positioned will produce more electricity in the spring, summer, and fall and less in the winter. Due to the demands of electric-powered winter heating, combined with the lower solar energy production in the winter, homeowners should expect to have a more significant electric bill in December, January, and February.