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Affiliate Assessment Tool (Choosing the right solar financing model)

This questionnaire will help Habitat affiliates determine which tool in the toolbox fits best with the unique attributes of the affiliate.

What is the proportion of new builds to renovations within your affiliate?

How are your mortgages financed (internally, USDA, private financing, etc.)?

Does your affiliate have a relationship with a bank or credit union that would allow you to finance solar at a lower rate than the market interest rate?

Does your affiliate have the capacity to raise additional funds for solar?

Does your affiliate have active and engaged environmental organizations in your service territory? Have these organizations historically been supporters of your affiliate? Please list these organizations.

Are there faith-based organizations in your service territory that have exhibited an environmental emphasis in their outreach programs? Please list these organizations.

Does your affiliate have a connection to a for-profit entity (such as an LLC) that might be willing to facilitate power purchase agreements with Habitat homeowners?

Does your affiliate have an electrician who is familiar with solar installing?

Does your affiliate have a construction manager with experience in solar installing? If yes, there are certain aspects of the solar installation that may be implemented under the supervision of the construction manager.

Who are the solar installers that operate in your service territory?  Are any of these installers already engaged with your affiliate?  Which installer would you approach first to request their collaboration on solar implementation within your affiliate?