Solar Messaging for Fundraising

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Messaging to leverage solar in support of Habitat construction

  • Access to solar:  In 2021, the median income of solar adopters nationally was $110,000.  Habitat homeowners in VA earn less than 80% of area median income, or below $61,118, on average, in Virginia.
  • Solar adds significantly to the value of the home and helps to build generational wealth through increasing disposable income.
  • Not only are we building homes that are affordable to purchase, but we are also building homes that are affordable to operate for decades through energy efficiency and solar.
  • As the price of electricity continues to rise, our homeowners will be protected from this inflation.
  • Through utilizing solar power, Habitat homeowners will be well positioned to greatly reduce living expenses through electrified transportation once electric vehicles become more affordable
  • Solar makes it much more likely that homeowners will not default on their mortgages.
  • Battery systems can be added to homes if the need arises.
  • Solar is scalable and homeowners can add more panels if needed.
  • Solar on Habitat homes is a climate change solution, reducing the need to burn fossil fuels to produce electricity.

Benefits of installing solar for affiliates

  • Expanding donor base through emphasizing solar.  
  • New opportunities for media attention
  • Grant funding opportunities related to prioritizing net zero energy homes