Solar Walk Through With a Homeowner

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This is information to be shared with a new homeowner regarding their solar system.  This is a living document that will be modified over time based on user feedback and additional experience.

Topics List:

  • General description of the component parts of the solar system and how it operates
  • Share sample energy bill from another Habitat solar homeowner
    • Explain seasonality of solar production and variability of electricity bills
    • Explain what the homeowner can expect if they are careful with their energy usage (a small electric bill)
    • Explain the various components of an electric bill: usage, fuel cost adjustment, taxes, minimum bill
  • Warrantees–solar panels, inverters, and installation (provided by solar installer)
  • Interconnection agreement  (Sometimes, the interconnection agreement has not  been completed by the date of the walk through)
  • Solar Investment Tax Credit – In some cases, Habitat homeowners may qualify for the Investment Tax Credit.  This tax credit, if applicable, can reduce the amount of federal income taxes owed by 30% of the cost of the solar system (assuming that the homeowner incurred the cost of the solar system AND they owe federal income taxes). As an example, if the homeowner paid $10,000 for their solar system, then they are eligible to claim a $3000 tax credit on their federal income tax return.  This credit can be claimed over five years.   

During the solar walk through, verify:

1. Homeowners insurance policy (policy declarations page)

2. Signed interconnection agreement with electric utility

3. Turn on solar breaker